It’s Not My Job

I am a “fixer” by nature.  “Fixers” want to fix things; it’s what we do.  This is especially true when it comes to people.  If they are hurting, I want to “fix” what made them hurt.  In short, I want them to stop hurting.  This is not always bad, but it can lead to one huge problem.  I tend to “take on” other people’s pain and make it my responsibility; that is never a good thing.  The other day I was in the process of thinking about a friend of mine; more importantly what he/she should do about a problem when God revealed something to me. It stopped me, mid-thought.  Are you ready for this? I can’t fix people. Big surprise, right; and yes I knew this but I definitely needed a reminder.  The fact is it’s not even my job to fix people. That’s God’s work. He fixes people!  I can pray for them; point them toward the solution but I CAN’T fix them.  God wants us to care about people; love them; help when we can.  The very best that we can humanly do is point them to our savior and let him do the work.  Do you know what that means? I am not responsible for the results.  Let me say that again, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE RESULTS.  My Job is to be faithful to God. This was a freeing revelation.  I can stop worrying about the results.  I only have to be salt and light pointing to the very best answer.  I still care, but I refuse to worry about the results.  It’s not my job.

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