Little Things

Some time ago, we had to replace the roof on our house.  It started out as a minor leak when the rain was heavy.  Gradually, it would leak every time it rained.  By the time we got it fixed, we had to replace not just shingles, but the boards underneath, and the ceiling too.  What a disaster!  It would have been relatively easy to fix when it was a small leak; but because of finances, we had none, and the massiveness of the task we let it go; because, for a while, we could put it out of our mind until the next rain storm.  Then it would rain, and we would say, “We need to do something about that roof”.   Sometimes we do the same thing in our life also.  We give the devil a foothold because we fail to take care of small things.  Rather than correct the wrong attitude, or thoughts.  We let them go because it’s a little insignificant thing and we can “fix it later”, and it easier to let it go than it is to deal with the problem.  Then slowly the little by little sin grows until it has become a lifestyle.  My Christian friends, we don’t have to give the devil any room in our life; the one to whom we belong is way stronger than the devil.  We can throw off sin and put on the righteousness of God in the little things we do every day.  Our lifestyle is made up of the choices that we make every moment of the day. Let's be sure to watch out for the little things.

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