Today, I want to remind you of something amazing.  God chose you.  Yes!  No matter whom you are or what you've done; God wants and desires you!  See, I told you that it was amazing.  Wait!  It gets even better; God loves you so much that he chose to die for you.   He didn’t have to do that, he chose to do that. He could have decided that the cost was too high, but he didn’t.  Is it not amazing that he had a choice to die; or not to die!    Are you feeling loved right about now?  Good!  I know I have probably not said anything new, but it may be that, like me, you need a reminder.  I was reminded of this tonight, and what God reminded me was that he had a choice.  He could have decided that it was too much of a bother or that we were not worth it.  After all, no one actually deserves God’s favor.  He gives it, but we don’t deserve it.  In fact, Paul reminds us that when he died for us we were all sinners.   I am amazed at the love God has for me that he would choose to give up his life for me when I surely did not deserve it.  Thanks God!  I just wanted to remind you of this today. God loves you and chose to die for you.

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