Lights Please!

It’s a lovely fall day!  It’s still nice enough to be comfortable sitting outside watching the birds, cats and other animals.  I’m very visual, so I love the daytime. There is always so much to do and see; for me it’s relaxing.  I know there are tons of people who love doing things at night.  Truth is I doubt that either is wrong; it’s just what I prefer.  I've
been thinking about the darkness and light and the differences between them.  The fact is that they are opposites.  They cannot exist in the same place. If we go into a dark room,and turn on a light; the darkness leaves. Where there is light, darkness must leave.  God says that we, his followers are the “light of the world”.  That means that where we are, darkness cannot stay.  If we are, indeed, the light then we must be different from the world, darkness.  We cannot have the same perspective as the world and still be the light.  We cannot call right what the world calls right.  We are light we must be as different from the world as the day is from night. Friends let’s be different from the world.  Let’s be light and dispel the darkness with the light of Christ that is in us.

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