Epic Fail!

I spent some time yesterday booking hotel rooms for a trip we are planning.  I have done this before, so I’m not completely new to the process, and I usually get through the process without complications; until yesterday.  Somehow, as I was booking the rooms, I did not check over the information as thoroughly as I should have checked.  Later, I was informed that the arrival date was wrong.  Oops!  Not a huge problem, I just have to call and change the date.  When I called to change the date, I found that I had also chosen the smoking section of the hotel.  OOPS!  This apparently cannot be corrected; now I’m stuck.  I also found that the insurance I thought I paid when I booked the rooms did not go through. This means that if we have to cancel we get nothing back.  OOPS!  This time, I failed miserably.   Who among us has not had at least one time when we fail?  We think we are doing well, and then we realize that, for whatever reason, we have failed!  Sometimes, they are not too bad, and we can have a good laugh and move on; at other times they may feel monumental.  I want to encourage you today to allow yourself “room to fail”.  The Bible is filled with people who, at some point, failed.  Yet, God loved them in spite of their failure.  The best part is that, in God’s eyes, our failure is not always failure.  It may be just what He, God, planned; we were merely helping him out.  The awesome thing is that, even if we fail, when we love God, He can use even our failures for our good and to glorify Him.  So, child of God, go ahead make mistakes. God will still love you.  He always has; always will.

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