Don't Quit

I love running!  I always have.  When I was growing up, I didn't excel at too many things, especially in the area of sports, but I found early on that I could move, and I did better than some.  In the past few years,  I have started running at some 5k events.   I don’t always get a ribbon and, at my age, I’m not as speedy as I was in my youth, but I survive .  Later today I’ll be running a 5k.  I've had a sore muscle in my leg that has kept me from running too much this summer. So as I run today, my goal is to complete the event without my leg giving me pain.  As I was thinking about this, I was reminded that, as Christians, we are all involved in another spiritual race.  In our spiritual race, the only vital thing is that we finish.  I doubt God is going to say “You were first; you were second; and so on”.  His only desire is that we complete the Christian life we started.  He doesn't
want us to stop running just because the way gets hard, or we get tired.  So as I run my race for Christ, I may run, walk, I may limp and even slow down to a crawl but I’m not quitting; neither should you.  If today the way seems hard and steep and cares of this world threaten to invade, keep going. Make it your goal to keep going until, Christ calls you home, or he returns; finish the race. Then when this life is over, we will hear our heavenly father say “Well done, my child”.

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