Yesterday, Today, Forever

I decided to go for a walk tonight.  As I was walking God reminded me that when I was younger, I was horribly afraid of the dark.  Yet, here I am now walking after dark and loving it. There is something almost calming about watching the night come alive; the crickets singing and the fireflies and stars lighting up the night.  I’m not sure when I stopped being afraid of the dark, but tonight as I was walking; I realized two things that made me see how silly it was for me to be scared.  There was nothing in the dark that was not in the light. I know that sounds funny, but it is true. The other thing I realized was that God was the same during the day as he was at night.  He didn't change or go anywhere.  If I could trust him during the day with what I could see, then I could trust him at night with what I could not see. What an amazing truth! The God of the Universe does not change.  He is the same today as he was yesterday, and He will be the same tomorrow. God is always the same. We can trust him with what we can’t see as well as what we can see.  Praise God for a constant in a sea of change.

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