Sunday Morning Christian

Tonight at work, we were changing the oil in the fryer.  We got the fryer all cleaned, went to get the oil and realized that there was no oil.  Now we had a problem because we can’t fry food if there is no oil.  Normally, this would really bother me, and I would be upset because it was my idea to change the oil tonight and I should have checked first to make sure we had the oil we needed.  Lately, I’ve been making a conscious effort to be bold about my faith at work.  I decided to pray that there would be oil.  My coworkers saw me and thought I was crying.  I explained that I was not upset; I was praying that, somehow, we would have enough oil to fill the fryer.  Less than five minutes later, another coworker came with the oil.  It had been left in another part of the store.  I praise God that he cares about even the little details.  How encouraging it is that if I can go to him with small things; then it shouldn't
be a problem to take the significant things to him.  I asked God for chances to stand on my faith at work; maybe my boldness may have opened the door for them to see that I have a God who hears my cry.  Perhaps I planted a seed of faith in someone else today.  If not, at least they know I’m not a Sunday morning Christian.

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