Love like A Fountain

Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.   1 Peter 3:8

I love fountains!  I love looking at and listening to them.  There is something calming and peaceful about them.  I absolutely love fountains that have tiers.  It’s so enjoyable to see the water cascading over the different levels.  Every time I watch fountains, I am reminded of how our love for God should be like a fountain.  When we love God, it will spill over on to those around us.  As we fill up with God’s love, it will have no place to go so it will run over the edges and on to others.  We will create a fountain. Surely our love for God is evidenced in our love for those he put around us.  Soon, they too may be filled up with the love of God and creating a fountain of their own; since they, in all likelihood, know others that we do not know.  We can take great satisfaction in knowing that we are making a difference and changing the world.  Lord enables me to be a fountain spilling your love on to others.

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