I Know That Voice

Yesterday while I was in the shower, I heard a young girl say, “Mom, do you have a scrubby?”  I completely ignored the voice.  Then I heard the girl ask the question a second time.  “I don’t think I’m your mother”, I said as I poked my head around the shower curtain.  Then I saw who was speaking and realized that the person in question really was my daughter.  We all laugh at those mistakes.  As I thought about the incident, it reminded me that Jesus says his sheep know his voice.  God wants us to know him so well that when he speaks, we know immediately that it is Jesus; this takes practice and discernment.  God wants us to be so “in tune” with him that we automatically know his voice.  He doesn't need to raise his voice or speak above a whisper. He wants us to be so “in sync” with him that if we hear another voice we will not listen because it’s not the voice we know and love.

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