Just Whisper in God’s Ear

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  Philippians 4:6

Last week I went to see a place called Jakes Rocks in the Allegheny National Forest.  I had my GPS, so I felt confident that I could locate the site.  When I left a little place called Warren, Pa I had a quarter of a tank of gas.  If I had been wise, I would have gotten gas then.  Sadly, I was not wise; I did not get gas. We started down a byway that took us through the Allegheny National Forest.  The farther I drove down the road (if you could call it that), the more concerned I became that I would run out of gas on a road that with no houses AND no one travels; there were only trees (lots of them).  So, I whispered in God’s ear, “Lord, I’d really like not to run out of gas”.  After going a little distance, we met a man doing some sort of work on the roads or paths.  I stopped and asked if the place in question was near and he informed me it was just a couple of miles further.   Driving on for what seemed like five miles at least, we met a family walking down the road.  Again I stopped and asked about the distance to the rocks.  The preceded to inform us that they were “a couple of miles further”, but we were on the right way.  After deciding that someone’s “couple of miles” was clearly not “a couple of miles”, we drove on. Sure enough, in a few minutes we reached our destination, Jakes Rocks.  I looked at my gas gauge, and according to that we had used no gas at all getting to Jakes Rocks.  We praised God for his provision of gas and thanked him for getting us there.  Since we had never been there, we decided to ask God to show us a trail that we could hike.  Again God provided us with trail a short distance from where we parked the car.   Again we thanked God for providing for us.  It was a wonderful reminder that God is looking out for us and cares about the day to day things in our life.  He wants to be involved in every part of our day.  Thank God that we can bring the things that cause us stress to him and let him handle the pressure.  We only have to whisper in the ear of the maker of the universe or cry from our heart, and he listens to our pleas.  He desires to care for us as his children.

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