What if's

But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. “Do not fear their threats; do not be frightened.  1 Peter 3:14

How many of you, like me, suffer from a chronic case of the “what if’s”.  Even though I love to travel, until about a year ago the longest distance I had driven is about forty-five minutes away because the “what if’s” would take over.  Every time I would start thinking of going someplace that would require driving, my mind would immediately start; “what if” you get lost; “what if” you have an accident; or “what if” your car breaks down?  Until I decided that I was not listening the “what if” voices, I didn't
Sunset in South Carolina
realize how much I had let the fear of the unknowns hold me back from doing some things I would have loved.  I was afraid to take chances because; what if I’m wrong; What if something bad happens ; What if….. Sometimes I am afraid that we let that carry over into our spiritual life, as well.  Have you ever, like me, not defended your Christian faith because “what if” they laugh at me; What if it costs me my job; what if…..  Have you ever not did something you felt God wanted you to do because, what if I’m wrong; what if other’s think I’m stupid; what if….  Fellow Christians, maybe it's time we take chances and trust God for what we don’t know.  If God goes before us, we cannot be wrong; listening to the “what if’s” is really a lack of trust in God.  For me, I have decided not to listen to the voice of fear.  I will take chances  and trust God for the “what if’s”

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