God and the GPS

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalm 119:105

The other day I had the privilege of driving to the airport to pick up my daughter.  After picking her up, we decided to stop and get something to eat.  So on the way home we spotted the golden arches standing boldly, proudly above the trees a short distance off the interstate.  We took the exit and headed in the direction of McDonald's.  This would have worked if the road led straight to McDonald's, but it didn't.  We set the GPS, and I turned in what appeared to be the direction of our goal. Nope, instead of McDonald's we ended up circling a bank.  Now, the two in the back seat are spitting out directions as well as the G
PS. At this point, my brain stopped listening because there were too many voices.  I made another turn.  This time I ended up circling a costume store.  Finally, in desperation, I gave up thinking I was smarter than the satellite; I realized that the two in the back and the GPS were saying the same thing. So, I did the only sane thing I decided to listen to the GPS.  In what seemed like seconds we arrived at our destination.   It reminded me of how often as Christians we have choices and decisions to make; somehow, we think we know how to reach our goal on our own.  So we start heading on what appears to be the right path only to discover that we are going in circles and getting no closer to the target.  We are often too stubborn to admit that we don’t know the right way to go; so we keep making turns; hoping that somehow we’ll end up at the right place.  Friends all we really need to do is what I did in the car.  I decided to start listening to and following the instructions of the GPS and the passengers; since they were saying the same thing.  When we do that; it will be a real stress reliever.  We will be free to enjoy life because making decisions is so much easier when we are getting our instructions from the one who knows the way and can lead us along the right paths.

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