Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

a friend from church who was also waiting
Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14

Today, I’m doing something that each of us does at one time or another.  I’m waiting.  We often spend a great deal of our time waiting.  We wait in the checkout line at the supermarket; we wait at the restaurant; we wait at the doctor’s office; the latter is where I am right now.  It made me think of how we spend our time while we wait.  In all honesty, I am not the most patient person and waiting is hard for me.  I often fret and fume and get restless if I’m asked to wait for very long.  However, I’m beginning to see waiting as a blessing.  Sometimes, it gives me time to relax and regroup.   I’m learning that while waiting, I can turn the mundane chore of waiting into an opportunity. It can be a chance to make new friends, or reconnect with old friends I haven’t seen in a long time. Since waiting is something that each of us must do; the bigger question is how we are going to deal with it.  We can fret, fume, and fuss or we can turn them into opportunities the choice is ours. Friends perhaps   you’re stuck between jobs; waiting for healing; waiting for the chance to see loved ones; you’re just waiting, waiting, waiting…. . Remember God hasn't forgotten you; just wait patiently this too shall pass.  You’re just waiting Well, I see a friend, so it’s time to go.
A little boy who was so excited to be at the doctors so he could play with the toys

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