Ask,Listen ,Do

Today as I was thinking of the last few years and what I've been learning about trusting God and listening to him.  Three years ago I was about seventy, that’s right 70, pounds heavier.  I didn't start out that way, none of us do, but somewhere in my late twenties and thirties I developed poor eating habits.  The problem was that if you asked me I would tell you my eating was normal and even healthy.    About three years ago I realized I was approaching the big 5 0, and if I didn't
want to be overweight the rest of my life, something had to change.  I told God I needed his help and that I would do whatever he showed me to do.  Little by little he showed me things that I needed to change; I would change them.  Now three years and seventy pounds later I realize that:

I had to admit, to myself and to God that my own ways were not working.  Often, I’m guilty of doing the same thing over and over even if it’s not working.  In my own simple mind,  I think “I know this has not worked the last nine hundred, and ninety nine times but perhaps this time it will work”.  I had to get to the time that I could admit that if it didn't work every other time it was still not going to work even if I tried it a gazillion times.

I had to be willing to listen to God’s directions.  If I had asked his advice, but when he showed me things to change I ignored them or said “I don’t want to change” I would still be one-seventy something.  I am beginning to realize that we often fail at things right here at this point.  Too many times I and probably you too if you’re honest, ask God for help, but we don’t have any desire to change anything.  It’s like going to a doctor with no intention of following their instructions.

I had to trust God.  I had to believe that he knew what was best even if it didn't seem right.  There were times I was sure what I was doing to lose weight was crazy.  It didn't seem to make sense but looking back I can see that it makes perfect sense.

Little by little with God’s help the weight began to go down.  I feel better and look better too, but I had to trust God, hear, and do what he told me.  It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

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