Help! Squirrels and Moles are Invading!

I confess my iniquity; I am troubled by my sin. Pslam 38: 18

So far this week I have had one squirrel and two moles invade my home thanks to our cats who think our residence should be a wildlife sanctuary for rodents.  I, on the other hand, am not convinced that these creatures should invade my domicile.  The only wildlife I want to see in my house is my family and the cats.  That is about as wild as my house is going to get.  Truth is, I hate the thought of those rodents sharing my house.  They will leave my house one way or another.  As I was chasing those critters out of my house, I started thinking about how much I hate those little “things”.  I hate them so much I will not tolerate them in my house under any circumstances.   It reminded me of how God feels about sin.  He can’t stand it.  He hates it! He wants nothing to with sin that why he sent his son Jesus.  I am forced to look at the way I treat sin in my life.  Do I hate it?  Do I take great care to make sure that sin does not invade my life? I want to be as vigilant in removing sin from my life as I would be in exterminating pests from my house. Let’s not become complacent with sin in our life.  Let’s ask for God’s help in eradicating sin from our life.  Give sin the ride of it life right out the door!

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