Love Like That

Every now and then, God gives me a glimpse into what real love should look like.  This week, thanks to my sweetheart, I had just such a revelation.  For me, vacation means going somewhere, anywhere, that is not home.  I don’t want to feel like I’m sitting home on vacation.  However, I never realized that, until recently, my hubby would be perfectly happy sitting at home on his vacation.  Yet, for the last few years, we have gone somewhere for vacation.  My darling husband does this not because he loves it, but because he knows I love it.  In short, the only reason that he goes on vacation is because it makes me happy.  He puts his wants aside for me and what I want.  What a beautiful picture of the kind of love we all should have for each other; not just as husband and wife but for everyone.  We are to “consider others better than ourselves”; to put their needs above our own.  We deny ourselves something because we know someone else has a need.  How different relationships and our world would be if we put this into action.  It would turn this world upside down or maybe right side up.

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