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Thank you Veterans

It's Veterans Day.

A day of  the year set aside to honor those who have,

over the years, fought in many wars.

Some, paying the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Why would they pay such a high price?

I am convinced that they would rather die than be in bondage.

They believed that freedom was worth any price they would have to pay.

They knew there  was the possibility that they might die,

but it was a risk they were willing to take.

These are the men and women that God entrusts 
with the job of protecting our country; many go unnoticed. 
They get no fancy memorials

They go home to families and loved ones; they get jobs 

and try to live a "normal" life just like anyone else.  But they're
not just anyone, they are heroes.

They get no applause or recognition for what they did

under conditions that would break most of us; I included.

They have a strength of character that is rare.

So for today, I want to say what we should say every day.

The next time you see someone fro…