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Day 26 Clothes, Food, and a Roof over My Head!

It snow last night.  No,  wait....  It snowed at least a foot last night!  I'm not a fan of winter; this morning, as I was shoveling, I was really not a fan.  I was reminded of what I have to be thankful for.  I am thankful that God gave me warm boots, mittens a shirt a hoodie, long johns, extremely warm jeans, and a warm coat  to wear (hey I like to be warm) whilst I was shoveling a mountain of snow.  I am thankful for the food God provided; mainly coffee to warm me up and soup and sandwiches for lunch on a cold day.  I am also grateful for a warm house to stay in and be cozy while a storm rages.  I am grateful that no matter what the weather, God says that clothes and food are the necessities everything else is an added blessing. He loves us and takes care of us.  So I am greatly blessed to have Clothes, food, AND a place to stay and much more. Thank you for the reminder that even though I had to shovel an avalanche of snow; I am still blessed.