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Day 23 Thank you God for your Grace

Thank you God for

                                    unmerited favor either from God or others that we                              do not deserve.  God and others pour out grace upon us                                         many times a day. You give me good things I don't deserve, grace.                                                 You give us another  day and daily bread, or apples,                                                                     and countless other blessings.    

  Thank you for the people who are lavish with grace.   they don't mind when we accidentally cut them off in traffic; or perhaps they let others in front of them at the checkout line.  We call them random acts of kindness God calls it grace. I thank God for the people who have been extravagant with the grace they have given to me in the past.  Some of the times,  that grace was extended I know about; others I may not know about  until I get to heaven.  Thank you for all of them.

Day 22 Thank You God for Electricity

God, Thank you for electric.
        You showed us how to take this.......

and make it this.
With it we can.....
make toast, warm our food,  
                                              light a room;

and probably a million other thing that I have not mentioned, and you definitely not want to see all those pictures. We can ..... use the internet to catch up with family and friends. I love staying connected with far away family,and friends; the one who are not so far away too.
When the electric is off, we realize just how much we depend on electricity during our day for practically everything.