Ancient Stones

Dear Child,

I know you had heard these verses before and always passed over them because you feel they are strictly for the Israelites.  After all, you don’t even use stones and things as boundary markers now.  I see your eyes glaze over as you read these verses.  They mean nothing to you.
However, I want you to know the importance of boundary markers.    It’s about having limits.  I have watched people who, in my opinion, were strong in their faith fall away.   Most of the time, it was not a huge step but rather many small steps backward.   A compromise here and there that, at the time seemed harmless.   They allowed the boundaries of their faith to be moved by others but ultimately by the great deceiver, Satan.   Satan ‘s goal is to get you to push the boundaries that God has put in place in your life. 
•    “There is no need for church every Sunday.”
•    “It’s ok if you forget to pray or read your Bible today.”
•    “It will be ok to go to that party.”
•    “Getting close to another’s spouse will be ok.  You can handle the situation.”
     Suddenly, you have moved the boundary stones.  Those principals that were important to us are no longer relevant.   I know that you are easily swayed, so don’t allow anyone to move the boundaries. 
My children, what are the boundaries that you have allowed the enemy to move? 
•    Is it a relationship that is ripping you from me?
•    Is it a full schedule?
•    Possibly it’s peer pressure that causes you to move those limits.
•    Or perhaps, your biggest problem is time management.   You allow yourself to waste time doing nothing and suddenly you have no time for the things that You should be doing.
Make no mistake, every time You allow the enemy to move a stone, limit, that I have put in place you take a step away from me, the God who loves us and wants nothing more than be close to us.   I want a relationship with you. 
Be firm in your resolve not to move those limits; it often comes at a price.  You can move those ancient stones, but you may be giving up your inheritance, what God wants you to have.


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