Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Prescious Memories

Thank you, God, For Precious Memories.

As I grow older, I have come to appreciate the memories I have more each year

Memories of long walks in the woods,

Of a winter when there was snow over the tree tops
                                           yes, it did happen.

Of Many Christmas' spent in this house

Memories of playing softball
with the pastor of our church.
As he stepped to the plate, he said, 
"You need to move back further" to the outfield.
They laughed until he hit the ball a mile over their heads and into the woods. 
He did not run the bases; he walked each one of them. Game over.
 I don't think they ever did find the ball.

Memories that my sweetheart and I have created over the years.
A dinner on The Victorian Princess
Memories of thinking I could outrun him.  
I found out too late; he could bust a fast sprint when necessary.
Memories of some hilarious car rides.
 Once we got stuck between two hills and couldn't get up either hill. 
 We might be there still if it hadn't been for a truck that pulled us up the hill.  
That car was not a good car.are of car rides.

Hitting a bear on the interstate, that was a fun time.
It could have been bad, but since no one was hurt except the bear
it is something we laugh about now.
Memories of driving to Georgia with my daughter and remembering dropping her off at college thinking where did 18 years go?

Remembering her refusal to walk because someone would carry her.  

They always did.

Things and situations change. 
 Our children are grown and two are married and have lives of their own.
My dad has gone to be with the Lord, and my step-mom joined him this year.
What I have, are wonderful memories. 
Yes, there have been bad times too but they aren't what I choose to focus on.
As my  daughter said when I saw her a few weeks ago.  
"If I'm going to spend my life with someone, I may as well make it enjoyable.
When did she get so wise?

Memories have taken a place of prominence this year.      

I said goodbye to my Aunt Lelia.

  My Aunt by marriage.  She was kind and funny.  Even when we were little, she treated us with respect.

And my Aunt Doris less than a week later.

I have wonderful memories of both of these sweet ladies.  Family reunions, A trip toWaldemeer, lots of love and laughter.   I am glad I have good memories of these precious ladies.

Thank You God for good memories.  I hope to create many more.