The Things that Say I LoveYou

One thing for which I thank God are those little acts of love.

Nothing big or showstopping like leaving a $3,000 dollar tip

or running into a burning building for someone.

They are small things like a smile,

a kind word,

letting someone else go first,

how about holding a door for someone,

A hug, or a card.

Today, I was encouraged by cards.

They were not expensive or valuable,

but they were given as a demonstration of love and caring.

As I read the words and thought about the people who  gave them,

I was encouraged and blessed.

Often a hug from a friend can take your bad day and make it better.

Even just a smile or a kind word can change a person's perspective.

They cost little and yet they can be invaluable.

Hold the door for someone or let them go ahead of you.

A small act of kindness yet it can mean the world to the receiver.

The past few weeks I have been showered by little acts of love.

They helped to make some sad days happy.

They were small things like hugs, cards,

sincerely asking how I'm doing and waiting to hear the answer.

They said, "I love you, I care about you,

You're important to me."

I thank God for the little acts of love that others have showered on me,

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