Friday, November 18, 2016

Let's Harmonize

We live in a world of discord.   

There are disputes between governments,

groups of people; conservative, and liberals, 

church  denominations

There are skirmishes between neighbors over a foot of property

 or animals in their yard.

There are arguments at work;

often over time off, or job assignments.

Moms and dads square off over many things in a day.

Parents and children are often at odds over seemingly small things

clothes or food or chores.

We frequently face strife.

We forget that we need harmony in our lives.

Agreement; but not always exactly the same.

Sometimes harmony is two things or people 

working together despite their differences.

Today I am thankful for the people 

who provide harmony.  

They have different views and ways of handling things

and yet they can work together

in a marriage

in a family

in a church

at work

even in our government

to reach a common goal.

I am blessed to have family who

understands harmony and sometimes,

we agree to disagree.

We find that being right is not as important

as loving and being loved.