It's a New Day on the Horizon

I an thankful for new days.

Each day is a chance to start over.

Yesterday, with all of its problems and struggles is over, gone, poof .

I may have made a mess of things yesterday,

but I can try again today, and tomorrow, if necessary.

When I am having a bad day,

I am thankful that I have hope that tomorrow will be better.

I have the privilege of making today the best day it can possibly be.

With each day I can choose to;

laugh more than I did yesterday,

Be kinder than I was yesterday,

love more than I did yesterday,

dream bigger dreams than I have ever dreamed.

What a blessing that Yesterday does not have to define today.

No matter how bad yesterday was, today may be different.

I don't have to live in yesterday's failures.

Each new day offers hope that things will be different than yesterday

and it will because no two days are ever exactly alike.

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