Time to Vote

It's Election day:

the day we pick  the person who will lead our country.

We often complain about our government

rather than appreciate the government that we have.

Thank you God for a country established on Godly principals;

for the opportunity and responsibility to decide who should lead us.

Even if we aren't happy with the choices,

we are privileged to live in a country where we have a choice.

Our country with all it's problems,

and there are many,

is still a wonderful place to live.

The freedom to decide  where we will live,

what our work will be,

even who our friends will be

and the clothes we wear,

or don't wear,

are our own decision.      

May we never forget and take for granted the

freedom that we enjoy.

The freedom for which others paid dearly.

And with that freedom comes the responsibility

to use that freedom wisely;

with consideration for others

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