I'll Have Some Water, Please

Over the summer, Our community had a water main break leaving us without water for the better part of a week.  We learned, first hand, what it was like to not have

~  clean water to drink

~ being able to wash your clothes in clean water

~ clean water to cook with

~washing your hair

~ water for cleaning a stove, or a table

~ baths

~ water for flushing a toilet

It was a bother, everyone was scrambling to buy bottled water.  

But we had hope.  We were reasonably sure that they would get the breaks fixed and we would , once more, have clean water to drink.

but there are countries in Africa, 

in Mexico

and other places that also do not have clean drinking water.

However, they do not have hope of having clean water in a few days;

They can not go out and buy water,

so they drink dirty, muddy water like this.

The people in these countries would love to have fresh water

but they don't.

So they share drinking water with the local animals,

Drinking water that you and I would never consider as good water.

If you have clean drinking water, you are blessed.

I would also encourage you to think about helping someone else get clean drinking water.

Here are some organizations that can help:

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