Find a Happy Place

My day can get crazy!

Appointments, work, 

family obligations, 

church it all takes a toll on me.

I end up tired,


and easily irritated.

I am around people every day, tons of them.

All of them have needs and burdens

Just like me.

Desiring to help, I often come away feeling overwhelmed,


Emotionally exhausted.

In our party society, where going places and doing things

seems to be a hallmark of success,

I am thankful for Our Lords example of going away be himself.

He hid away from the “world” so he could get recharged.

“After he had dismissed them, he went up on a mountainside by himself to pray.
Later that night, he was there alone,”

If the Son of God needed alone time, brothers and sisters

So, do we.

I thank God for the times when I can be alone with him

Even if it means getting up early

Or staying up late just to have that time.

I find myself better able to help others,

When I have found a place to be alone with God.

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