Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off To Work I Go

Thank you, God, for work.  Yes, it can sometimes be stressful but it can also be fun.  Often, we can get so focused on what is wrong about our job that we forget that no job is perfect.  So today I want to thank God for my job.  Yes, the hours are crazy.  Some days are crazy busy, others are slow.  One thing for sure, it's never boring.  No, my job is not perfect and sometimes  I have to deal with raving lunatics. Other times I am pretty sure I am the raving lunatic.  I have also made some special friends that make my day better. I am reminded that although my job is not perfect, it is better than some other places to work.  I am grateful for the job I have and grateful that it provides the money for our basic necessities.   No, I will never get rich at the job I do, but I am not starving or homeless either.  I do have a job, some are without work.  So I go to work with a grateful heart realizing that my job is a gift from God.  

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