Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dreamers Dreaming Dreams

Over the years,

God has filled my life with many dreams and aspirations.

Some, by God's grace, I have achieved.

I wanted to go to college.

 I did.

                and yes to the surprise of many, including me, I graduated.

I hoped to get married and have a family.

again God gave me the desire of my heart. 
 God blessed me with a wonderful understanding family.

Some dreams over the years have changed. I'd hoped to have a house like this.

Apparently, I have few pictures of our house,
 but it looks more like this.

It's not great but it is comfortable and I love it even though it always need something fixed.  

It is what God has provided.

Along the way, some dreams did change 

because I realized that God had a better dream for me.  

No matter how good my dreams are; God's dreams will always be better and bigger. 

I dreamed of being a teacher, that is one of those dreams that God changed.  

I still love teaching but I have to say I'm glad God changed that dream.  

I had dreams for my children. 

Where they would live and their "careers" who they would marry.  

Many of these God changed.  

God took my dreams for them and made them 

better than I could have ever dreamed.

Other dreams I'm still waiting on; like being a missionary.

Someday I may still get to do this.

God has added some other dreams..... things I hope to do some day. 

Things like traveling, zip-lining, and writing.  

I find a joy in writing I never knew in school.  

Someday, I may be good at putting words on a page.

We all need to have some hopes that we have not yet realized.  

Dreams keep us pushing forward when we want to stop.  

I believe God wants us to dream, aspire. 

Thank you, God, for the dreams and aspirations you put within us.  

Dreams inspired by God are the best dreams in the world.  

They always bring satisfaction.