Wednesday, November 23, 2016

counting blessigs

It is good to have a thankful heart.

When we are feeling down, discouraged and defeated

We can focus on what we have to be thankful for

Often when storms roll in,

we forget that we have many blessings 

because all we can see is the storm

Somehow when we remind ourselves of what God has done 

We find a reason to sing and be happy.

when we find a "God" perspective

we realize that we don't need

 to have things to be happy

we choose to be happy because

things have no eternal significance.

Often the best blessings are not things 

that can be measured by human standards.

When we stop and reflect on our blessings

we can't help but be encouraged and strengthened

because whether we admit it or not

we all enjoy a little,ok many, of God's blessings.

In fact, for me, if God were not blessing, I probably would not be here  

and I would not likely be writing these devotional blogs.

As a Christian, his blessings 

don't end with this life.

Every day comes with blessing and trials

It's our job to seek the blessings 

and stand strong during trials.

So every day needs to be a day of reflection

on His blessings and a day to give thanks

to our creator.

If I were to try yo number the blessings that God has given me,

I would not get done counting the blessings

They are more than can be numbered,