Celebrate the Firsts

Babies have many firsts;

A first tooth,

A first step,

first foods,

first haircuts.

They are milestones.

They show growth, and we celebrate these milestones with our children.

We cheer as they take wobbly first steps before toppling over.

We get excited as they learn the alphabet and count to 100.

We laugh with them when they get it wrong because we know that it’s only a first attempt.

Often, as we get older, we seldom notice firsts

and we don’t celebrate them as much as we do when we are young.

Sometimes we don’t think about the milestones as much.

So tonight I want to thank God for some milestones I have reached recently.

I recently started writing.
my first book

With God’s help, I have published five stories this year.

Writing is something I never expected to accomplish.

Although I am sure I am not the best, I do enjoy writing.

I also started painting.

My first painting

I am not saying I do great at it, but it is fun.

I have also recently started running.

I have completed a few 5k's.

There are many other things that with God’s help I have accomplished.

One thing I did this summer was to fill in as a department supervisor.

something I never expected to be able to do.

I love these firsts!

My goal is to have many more first to celebrate next year.

It means I’m active and doing things.

Thank You God for the new opportunities and expanding horizons,

they are a blessing from your hand.

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