Friday, October 28, 2016

Seasons Come and Seasons Go

Today, as I turn my focus to Thanksgiving, I want to thank God for seasons. 

Thank you for the springtime when the sun is warming the ground and everything is bursting forth with new life.   Spring is so full of promise; of hope.

Thank you for the summer.  The time when life is full.   Everything is growing.   The days are long, and there are birds and flowers all around.

Thank you for fall when the days are quieter, the trees give off untold beauty.  Summer heat is waning and what was growing has now reached its full potential.

Then comes the season of winter.   The weather is cold, and the ground is hard.  In spite of this, there is beauty even in the snow.  The winter days are quiet, and the pace is slow. 

In my life, I also thank God for seasons. My life could not take the summer pace all of the time.  So occasionally, God takes us through a winter season.  

A time of a slower pace, 

a time to rest and renew.  

I’m learning to embrace the changing seasons for each one has uniqueness and beauty.  

In my life whatever season God is taking me through is exactly where I am supposed to be.   Outside right now it is fall.  

It will be autumn 

whether I like it or not. 

If I plan on having a joyous and full life, then I must embrace the season that I’m in without chafing for another.   One other thing about seasons, they change.  It may be winter now, but hold on, it is not forever.  It will change and so will you.