Sunday, November 8, 2015

Thank you God for Uniqueness

I have recently taken up the hobby of painting.   One thing that has happened is that I am learning to see things differently, I can see parts, not the whole picture.  Another thing that has happened is noticing the uniqueness in the things around me.  Yes, I have always known that almost everything in nature is unique, but knowing and seeing is different.  I see two trees and see them as different.  When I first started painting, I wanted perfect trees.  The problem is that when I took a good long look at a tree, most of them are not perfect but they are all different.   Stars are not always perfect, but they are distinctive.  That’s what I want to praise and thank God for today.  That everyone and every created thing are unique.   God created all of the fish, but each one is special.  God created people, and each person is unique.  My DNA is not like anyone else’s.  For me, that means that it’s ok for me to be different because that is how God created me.  It’s ok if two cats aren’t exactly the same because God wanted them to be unique.  Even mountain ranges and flowers have a distinctiveness about them.  So when I paint, I celebrate and thank God that He created everything to be a one-of-a-kind.