Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thank You God For Tests

If you're like me, you hate tests.   When I was in school, nothing put the fear of God in me more than knowing that there was a test looming on the horizon.  Occasionally a teacher would surprise us with a test.  Then I would get this sick feeling in my stomach especially if I had not studied as much as I had hoped.  I have learned, over the years, that tests are not always wrong.   I homeschooled two of our children, and I gave them tests regularly not because I wanted to stress them out, but because I wanted to know that they knew whatever it was that they were supposed to learn.  I am sure that God also tests us occasionally, not because he wants to stress us out but because he wishes to know what our character is like.  But, tests also show us as the learner how we are doing.  So when God gives us a test, it's so that we can tell how we are doing.  If I am taking a math test on multiplication and I get a failing grade, I know that I had better study my multiplication facts.  Sometimes God places me in a testing situation.  I am learning that we can be thankful for those tests.  I am thankful that God is so concerned with my becoming like him that he will allow the cashier to make an error when ringing up my items just to see if I'll be honest, or I may end up sick just to see if I will still trust God in those circumstances.  Sometimes when I am placed in a test I pass the test and do the right thing, other  times I know that I failed.  I made the wrong choice and I had to tell God that I failed and ask him to forgive me.