Thank You God For Protection

When my daughter was home, she drove our car to visit a friend.  When she got home, she said the brakes did not seem to be working right.  So, this morning I took the car to the garage and had the mechanic check it out.   Since we have not had to change the breaks in a long while, I was sure  that I would be paying for breaks and maybe springs or shocks.  I was calling the car squeaky.   After about an hour, the mechanic returned and said that the back breaks were frozen.   We had been driving the car with only the front breaks.  Yow!  I was prepared for him to say they were bad but not that they were not working at all.  I am thankful that, with all of the extra driving,  God was protecting us even when we did not know we needed protecting.    Yes, I can recount times when I know that God was protecting me; running in front of a car, driving too fast on a dirt road, and driving with no back breaks.  I am also sure that over the year there have been other times that God protected me and maybe you from things that we do not, and may never know about until we get to heaven.  I am thankful that I can trust God to protect me even IF I do not know I need to be protected.   I know that God is under no obligation to protect me, which it that much more amazing that he concerns himself with my welfare and yours.

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