Thank You God For Minor Irritations

As we go through our day, we are often faced with things that irritate or annoy us.

  • Someone steals our parking spot
  • Washing the dishes
  • McDonald's messed up our order
  • We spill our drink
  • We lose our keys again
  • We lock ourselves out of the apartment/house
  • We get a flat
  • Shoveling Snow
These are all things that can annoy us and make our day sad if we let them.

Tonight after work I went to get my jacket only to discover that it was missing.   That in itself is not a problem.  Don't misunderstand me, I like the jacket, but I rarely form attachments to articles to things.   However, my keys were in the jacket pocket.  Having no keys meant that I would have no transportation home.  Did I mention it was cold?  It was freezing.  It was irritating because it meant that I had to call my husband and have him bring another set of keys.  

I was irritated until I put the situation in perspective.
  • The fact that my keys were missing means I have a car.  Some people do not have that luxury.
  • I am blessed to have more than one jacket.  Some people do not even have one jacket.  
  • I live close enough to work that I could walk.
  • It was cold, but it was not raining or snowing.
The situation could have been worse.

It's all in how we choose to look at the annoyances.
  • If I have to go to work, I can praise God I have a job
  • If someone cuts me off in traffic, I can thank God that I have a car.
  • If I lock myself out of the house, I can praise God I have a house.
  • If I spill my drink, I can praise God that had something to drink.
  • As I'm cleaning, I can praise God I have a house.
  • When you see that person, who irritates you can be thankful that you can still see and recognize people.
  • When you have to walk from the far end of the parking lot, be grateful that you can walk.  I know many who would love to be able to walk.
Annoyances and irritations are bound to happen, but we can choose to see the positive in then and thank God in the midst of them.

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