Thank You God For Growth

From the beginning of time, when we were created, God intended us to grow and mature. 
Plants start as a seed.  Imagine if potatoes stayed the same size as they were when you put them in the ground, or watermelon never got any bigger than what it was as a seed.    We would all starve! 

Imagine you cat staying the same size as she was the day she was born.  I know kittens and puppies are fun, but I am sure that it would only take a few days or weeks for us to grow tired of them.

As parents, we would panic if our children did not grow.  We love them as babies, but they are not supposed to stay babies.  We want them to grow and become toddlers and teens and adults.  
I think God wants us to grow spiritually too.   I imagine he takes as much joy in our growth spiritually as we take in our growth into adults.  

I am blessed to see that my children have grown into responsible adults but more than that, they are becoming more like Christ.  I see a daughter who opens her home to those who need a place to stay.  Her reasoning is; it's what God would do.  The other is so gracious always putting others before herself.   They haven't always been this way.  There were times when they were younger that I was sure I was failing as a parent.  I am thankful for the mature Christians they are becoming.  I pray that when others look at me, they see growth.  I want them to see that I am becoming more like my Lord every day.

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