Thank You God For Children

Thank you, God, for children!   I love watching them.  Children know how to play.  Uninhibited by the cares of the world, they fully engage in play.  They do funny things with no fear of what anyone else will think.   Children are fearless.  They attempt things that many adults are afraid to do because they do not know they should be afraid.  They are authentic.   They make no pretenses about what they like or don’t like, what they think.   Children do not come with a censure.  We just never know what they will say.  They just say what they think.   Children have an innocence about them.  They do not see in shades of grey as often as adults do.  Things are right or wrong, good or bad.  They love as God loves, without conditions.   Thank God for children, for their faith, love, honesty, and genuineness, and their love of life.  I am learning to be more like a child and not take things too seriously.   Children are a blessing from God.  Life is dull without them.  

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