Thank God For Choices

If you're still following and reading these, I applaud you!  I've tried to come up with things that I am thankful for that are unique and out of the ordinary.  Some of the things that we can and should be grateful for that sometimes get forgotten and overlooked.  Today I am thankful that God gave us the ability to make decisions.  We choose whom we love and want to be around; we choose how we spend our time and money.  We choose our attitudes and how we see things and what we put into our minds. Our days are full of choices from the mundane to the exciting.  Sometimes we are aware that we are making a choice and at other times we haven't a clue.   We can choose to make the most of and see the best in each and every situation, or drag and mope because the day didn't play out the way we wanted.   I am eternally grateful that we aren't robots going through our days; we have power and control over our choices.  I am also thankful that I am not responsible for the decisions of other people.  I am, however, accountable for my choices. I am also grateful that when we make wrong choices God still loves us;  I am also grateful for the people that have not given up on me when I have made a "bad life choice".  We all need people like that in our life.   How amazing that God allows us to make our choices knowing how badly we can, and will, blow it at times.  Thank you, God, for allowing us to make our choices.

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