A Gift Of Peace

“When Herod the king heard this, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.” Matt. 2:3    Imagine that!  Herod realizes the prince of peace has been born, and he is troubled.  It’s simple for us to look back and wonder what Herod was concerned about.  It’s easy because we know Jesus’ kingdom was not earthly and most, if not all, of us have never been the king.  When you’re the king, you worry about who wants your throne.  This little bundle resting in a manger stole his peace.  In fact, he was so bothered that He stole peace from his subjects.  Unrest gushes down from Herod to those under him; now they are troubled too. We know that Herod should never have allowed the news about a baby in a manger uproot his peace.

At Christmas, it’s easy to leave behind our peace as Herod did.  While not too many of us have to protect our throne there are other things that steal our peace.  It may be our finances and worry about HOW we will even buy gifts.  If Christmas is about gifts; then we have to have gifts right?  Or maybe we remember past Christmas’ that didn’t go so well; and Christmas has to be perfect right?  Perhaps you think of those who will be missing from your Christmas celebration; after all, it’s not Christmas if family is missing.  All of these things and more can steal our peace; and just like Herod unrest gushes in torrents on to those around us. Often like Herod, the things that we allow to wisp away our peace are things that may have little significance when we look back.

This Christmas, let’s take some time and open the gift of peace.  Let’s remember that Christmas is a celebration if Jesus.  If we make it about anything else we will end up as troubled as Herod and we will end up making those around us as troubled as we are.  If you have no Peace, why not take a few minutes and get to know the Prince of peace.  Only he can truly bring peace to our troubled souls.  When we know him, making Christmas a celebration OF him is easy.

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