Friday, November 14, 2014

Thank You For Turning Our Ashes Into Beauty

Thank you God for taking the things that hurt us and make us sad and turning them into things that make us beautiful.

The death of my mother  

was a tragedy to my dad.

However, because of that tragedy, my dad began to see his need for God.

In his brokenness, he found a God that could make him whole. 
God turned his ashes into beauty.

My dad, in turn, taught me to love God.  I am blessed to know God as my savior because of my dad.
God also blessed me with a wonderful step-mom

Life is harsh at times, and many things are sad, yet, if we let him, he will take our ashes and make them into a work of art.  He delights in making the ash heaps of our life beautiful.  When we are broken, God is near and where there is sorrow he will turn it to dancing.  

Thank you God
For taking our sorrow
and making it joy;
Our tragedy 
and making it a blessing
Thank you for making beauty
where once there was only
 a heap of ashes