Thank God For Naps.

Today I want to thank God for rest.  

 In the busy hurry-up lifestyle in which most of us live, we forget to rest.  In our society, we look at busyness as something to be envied. We are taught that this is the way to achieve success.  Make no mistake, I believe in hard work but even God rested. In fact, he set rest into The Ten Commandments that's how important that rest is to God. Many of us live long days and we feel guilty if we rest for even a second. Then we have even longer nights because there is always one more thing to do.   For some even when they are in bed and should be resting errrr..... sleeping, they can't turn their brains off long enough to really sleep. God never intended people to go without sleep. Even animals understand the need for sleep.  

Babies do not need to be told to sleep, they just do anytime, anywhere.
Sometimes when we are irritable, the most God-like thing we can do is put the cares of this world aside and take a nap.  So today, thank you God for the times when I can take a nap  or when I can turn off the lights and sleep. 

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