Sunday, September 21, 2014

We Need His Power

If obedience is the first step in being used by God, the next thing that we absolutely have to have is The Spirit of God leading us.  In fact, that IS what they disciples and apostles were waiting for.  They were waiting for the promise of the Holy Spirit.  Once they received the Spirit of God, then they were able to go out and be culture changers.  We often forget that if what we are not doing is not anointed by God, it will not succeed.  Imagine how different the situation would be if the disciples had not waited for The Holy Spirit.  Instead of being culture changers, and thousands coming to Christ because of Peter’s sermon, they might have only a handful of people listening to them.  When they had the power of The Holy Spirit, Peter who denied the Lord preaches a sermon to thousands, and everyone heard in their own language. Now that’s pretty cool! At the end of Acts 2 we read “And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.” Luke is reminding us that it was God working and not the disciples.  Being a culture changer takes supernatural power; the power of the Holy Spirit.  If we try to go without God and his power, we will inevitably fail and fall flat.  We must know that we are in tune with the Holy Spirit.  Once they had the power of God they simply did what the situation called for.   People assumed that the apostles were drunk, so Peter speaks and explains what they are seeing.  Yepp!! The first sermon ever preached was simply a rebuttal to people who thought they were under the influence.  Thousands were convicted not because it was Peter speaking, but because God moved their heart.   What God did for the early church, he will do for us IF we have the Holy Spirit working in us.