The Starting Line


Tomorrow I will run in my first 5k of the season.  I usually run in two or three over the summer.  God has
used running to teach me and remind me of some spiritual truths. In running, there is a starting line, and there is a finish line. Tomorrow, I will be running at Miracle Mountain.  Everyone who is running will start at the horse barns and we will end at the horse barns.  Everyone begins at the same place and everyone ends at the same place.  Imagine what it would be like if everyone started wherever they wanted.  There would be chaos.  In our spiritual life, we also have a starting line, the cross of Jesus Christ.  That place where we trust Jesus and let him direct our paths, or where we turn away from God and choose another path to run.  In our life, God gives us the option of choosing him and running that race with the finish line in heaven and eternal life.  The other choice is Satan and this world and with its finish line in hell and death.  That’s it, there is no highway option.  You can either run to Jesus or run from him, but you are running.  The cross is the starting point for your spiritual journey. Maybe you've never been to the cross, why not meet Jesus there at the foot of the cross.  The good news is that you can always change your mind about which course you want to run.  If you are alive, then there is still time to change the direction you are headed.  God allows and desires that make a u turn and follow him.  God’s deepest desire is that you follow his way, but he won’t make you.  It is after all, your choice. Choose Christ and life.

Choose Life

Choose life, that you might live
The life that He gives, He gives you forever
Choose life, the way that it's true
From the One who chose you, your Father in heaven
Choose life

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