Day 18 Thank You God For Our Senses

Thank you God for my sight; with it I can enjoy the beauty in everything you have created

trees mountains, the night sky, 

flowers and animals and so much more.

I find pleasure in the different tastes of foods;

Everything from tangy, sweet, salty, spicy and any other taste I could possibly imagine.

I enjoy hearing birds sing,

 a dog bark , the gentle
ripple of a brook, the roar of a waterfall, the whisper of the wind in the trees, and the softness of a name spoken in love.

The smell of fresh bread;or the earth just after a rain.  The smell of wood burning on a cold night; or turkey in the oven on Thanksgiving morning.  These are smells I enjoy.

The feel of water in our hands; or mud squishing between our toes.  The softness of the touch of a loved one, or the feel of a hand calloused form hard work.  

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