Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thank God For Health

Growing up I got sick easily.
 so thank you God for being my healer.


Now I am blessed with good health, thanks to God.  I still get sick and have had some problems . 
like an ornery gallbladder.  It's no longer with me.

I am also eternally grateful to doctors ...... and nurses.  

They spend many hours studying and learning their skill. Then they spend many more sleepless nights on call.  They are always on call and everyone wants free a diagnosis, go figure . 

 I am also grateful for medicine that we can take when we are sick, and the men and women that God gave the wisdom to harness the field of medicine.

So today I want to thank God for blessing health care professionals with the knowledge and wisdom they need to to their job and the patience to deal with their patients.         

Thank you God for health
and when we do get sick
thank you for being the God who heals
no matter if the healing through the wisdom
of doctors or divine 
we know that any healing is from your hand.